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4 Feb 2010
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The NS/Stick™ is an 8-string stereo fretboard tapping instrument and the product of a collaboration between Emmett Chapman (creator of the Stick®) and Ned Steinberger (creator of the Steinberger Bass and many other instruments). This instrument incorporates a number of ideas from both The Stick® (the tapping fretboard) and the Steinberger Bass (the knee bar, headless design), as well as some completely new ideas as a guitarbass that can be tapped and plucked. The NS/Stick™ is available from Stick Enterprises, Inc.

Message from Emmett, October 5, 2006:
"For the past two years we've been working to improve the NS/Stick design, materials and manufacturing processes, and now this model is again ready, this time featuring a new graphite neck from Moses, Inc., three different hardwood choices for the body, and a variety of color stains with a penetrating "soft finish", allowing the player to feel the wood itself.

All the unique original features remain unchanged, including the selectable 3-position quad EMG active pickups with tone controls, switchable stereo/mono outputs, patented retractable damper, caliper style fine-tuners at the tailpiece, and Ned Steinberger's amazing "side-saddle" bridge and nut.

We realize this has been a long process, and we thank those of you who have expressed an interest in this tapping/plucking bass guitar for your patience. I'm hoping you'll agree that the wait was worth it. We think this improved NS/Stick provides the best blend of form and function - a true multi-mode instrument that is as aesthetically balanced as it is clean sounding and easy to play.

We're now delivering back-orders and are ready to take new orders.

Greg has just finished an elaborate new NS/Stick page, now up on our SE Website. You can find lots of striking new photos, descriptive details and links about our newly refined NS/Stick at:

Hope you enjoy the browse, Emmett." is privileged to have on site NS/Stickist Don Schiff.
Check out the NS/Stick™ Tech area and his efforts in putting together an instructional NS/Stick™ book. You can read his musings and road dairies as a professional session musician playing the NS/Stick™ and Chapman Stick®, performing for many notable artists. His blog is at
We are also excited to have Gary Jibilian on site!
Gary's a respected NS/Stickist in the Detroit music scene and all around great guy. Look for the December '02 issue of Progression Magazine, where Jibilian and The Skolnic Trio were featured in an article/interview! Gary's site is

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